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What is RFID?

The system of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a system for storing and retrieving data remotely using devices called tags or transponders RFID. The primary purpose of RFID technology is to transmit the identity of an object (like a unique serial number) via radio waves.

The RFID chip, which contains data identifying the object it is attached, it generates an RF signal with the data when it is stimulated by an issuer. This signal as captured by an RFID reader, which is responsible for reading the information and pass it in digital form to the specific application that uses RFID.

Compared to other technologies such as barcode, RFID systems have many advantages.


RFID Barcodes
Readable without sight must Necessarily be visible to be read
Simultaneous reading is automatically Reading a single manual
Identification unit Mass identification
Storage Product Information Without any information storage
Traceability in online mode Without the possibility of tracing
Resistance and durability, resistant to moisture, heat and pressure Much less resistant, break easily and need to replace
Quick location in massive environments Very difficult location in crowded environment

Until recently the cost of RFID technology was high, so difficult to mass deployment. Furthermore there is no standardization in terms of communication standards.


  • -60% Of cost. Reduction of silicon chip printing, mass manufacture.
  • Standard communications standard (ISO 15963).

The cost-benefit ratio should always evaluate the short-medium term.

Knowing the exact status of your products, knowing exactly where they are, if they are in the right place, without delay or loss, improving the quality of care for our customers, both internal and external.

With RFID, it is possible to improve the management of the stock inventory of clothes and many other products and to manage such stocks a faster and more frequently, saving time (time is money) and optimizing HR (e.g. Making more accurate decisions with more information, anticipation of problems, real-time information, etc...).


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